Saturday, November 1st - REEF’d, Rowboat Casino, Biadiaz, Overcoming Gravity
***Every Saturday 2nd Floor w/Andrew Jude @ 10:30 NO COVER***

Sunday, November 2nd – The Grape Jam Free For All Hosted by Ej jams start at 9p!!!

Monday, November 3rd – Open Mic Night Hosted by Paul Hocynec w/Spotlight Guest:SaraB

Tuesday, November 4th – Sylis P’s Wasted Talent Open Comedy show at 8p NO COVER

Wednesday, November 5th – Otter, Sunblaze Lane, Tree Fiddy

Thursday, November 6th – Maitland, Oldermost, Grayscale, FlightSchool, Paradise Music Group

Friday, November 7th – The Funky T, Hopscotch Jefferson, Neptune Bloom, Rob Tait Band

Saturday, November 8th – Keystoned, White Limo, Curtis Jr., Dave Hoagie & His Heroes, Lili Haydn, Rebecca Calabrese Showtime 7:30p

Sunday, November 9th – Closed

Monday, November 10th – Open Mic Night Hosted by Mia Johnson w/Spotlight Guest:TBA

Tuesday, November 11th – Tuesday, October 14th – The Grapes of Laugh Open Comedy Hosted by: Jamie Glasheen

Wednesday, November 12th – Lainey Quinn, Alan Gerber,

Thursday, November 13th – Danny Newport Experience, Jess & The Revelator, High Fructose Corn Syrup

Friday, November 14th – MONTOJ, Matt Gauss Band, The Barren Wells, Los Festingos

Saturday, November 15th – The Big Something, Morse Coda, Spotted Atrocious, Saint Elouise, A Reckless Daring

Sunday, November 16th – Closed

Monday, November 17th – Open Mic Night Hosted by Mb Singley w/Spotlight Guest:TBA

Tuesday, November 18th – Kayleigh’s Open IMPROV, Comedy, & Music variety show!

Wednesday, November 19th – Revelation Agency Showcase Featuring: Risen and Resilient, Midwestern Exposure, Old Scratch, The Division

Thursday, November 20th – The Burgeoning, Michael Lewis, Sarah Lindstedt

Friday, November 21st – Marc Lancaster, Sacred Cube, Siamese Sundown, Audio Kings of the 3rd World, Alchemy

Saturday, November 22nd – John of the band Long Miles, Ridge Summit, Chamomile & Whiskey, Andrew Jude, Charlie Angel, Dylan Jane

Sunday, November 23rd – Closed

Monday, November 24th – Open Mic Night Hosted by Danny Newport w/Spotlight Guest:TBA

Tuesday, November 25th – Jess Carpenter’s Blue Comedy at The Grape

Wednesday, November 26th – Thick!, Spicy Meatball, Local Smokes, Stella Ruze

Thursday, November 27th – Closed for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 28th – No Outlet, McRad, Friendship Wizard, Germany Hill, Kate Says

Saturday, November 29th – Devil’s Triangle, Levels on Flight, Love Panther, Cardigan Terrace

Sunday, November 30th – Closed